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1997 / / SIKU 3D – the hinge system for plastic house doors. The universal door hinge programme for all common plastic profile types is presented to the market for the first time.

1997 / / With the founding of the sales and distribution company SIMONSWERK POLSKA, SIMONSWERK strengthens its involvement in the Eastern European market.

1997 / / Inauguration of the new SIMONSWERK administration building in Rheda.

1992 / / Production location SIMONSWERK Heiligenstadt in Thuringia has its festive opening.

1990 / / The product innovation VARIANT VX - the universal hinge range with its three-dimensionally adjustable retainer elements helps SIMONSWERK to set a new mark in the field of buildings.

1989 / / SIMONSWERK celebrates its centenary anniversary with its staff of 380, their families and its former staff.

1986 / / Inauguration of the 25-metre-high high rack warehouse on the SIMONSWERK factory premises. Some 4,000 items with a total weight of 850 tonnes are stored here in 3,100 spaces for the customers, ready for delivery on demand.