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SIMONSWERK announces enhancements to its high performance VARIANT heavy duty hinge collection 23.07.2014

The latest additions include The VARIANT Finger Protection which protects against fingers being trapped in the secondary closing edges of doors while at the same time satisfying the demand for high-quality, attractive interior design. Thanks to a semi-circular door-leaf cladding on the hinge side that complements the door material, the entire finger-trap protection system gives the appearance of being all one piece. The new VARIANT ‘Care’ option is specifically designed for public sector buildings where frame dimensions need to allow real clearance widths for doors to open with a 90? angle making it ideal for hospital and other health care facilities.
A further development of the VARIANT VX hinge system enables it to safely and reliably cope with providing the necessary support for high performance heavy duty doors with a maximum weight carrying capacity of up to 400kg achieved with a coordinated triple combination of hinge, receiver and cover angle.

SIMONSWERK announces enhancements to its high performance VARIANT heavy duty hinge collection

100% SIMONSWERK HINGES 02.07.2014

Leading architectural Ironmongery manufacturer SIMONSWERK will again be exhibiting at the 100% Design Show at Earls Court in September, showcasing the latest developments in hinge technology. Visitors to their stand, number E 19, in the ECO, Design & Build section of the exhibition, will be able to view the power transfer TECTUS Energy system with new adapter plug connections including one for FUHR motor locks and all with torsion-proof and snap fitting connection systems. Also on show will be the TRITECH solid brass hinge with new PVD finishes and new versions of the heavy duty VARIANT range with Finger Protection, 400kg and “Care” options – the latter specifically designed for public sector buildings where frame dimensions need to allow real clearance widths for doors to open with a 90? angle.


100% SUCCESS 24.09.2012

At this year’s 100% Design, London exhibition SIMONSWERK UK launched a new website with an online advanced PRODUCTSELECTOR information system for architects, ironmongers, specifiers, interior designers, and building contractors. The company also introduceda new catalogue and visitors to their stand were able to view the company’s latest Fire Rated and Heavy Weight 300 kg TECTUS fully concealed hinge systems and the new SAMSON TriTech concealed bearings solid brass hinge.

Robin Guy, Managing Director of SIMONSWERK UK declared the show a great success with their new dynamic stand extremely popular with visitors who were able to examine in detail advanced hinge technology displays and an opening door revealing completely hidden TECTUS power transfer hinges.


Gorilla Kingdom 02.12.2010

SIMONSWERK hinges have been fitted throughout the new Gorilla Kingdom at London Zoo. The fantastic new Gorilla exhibit is due to officially open at Easter this year and will give the Gorillas, as well as other animals such as Colobus monkeys, more space and an exciting setting for visitors to view in a sub tropical style environment.

The SIMONSWERK VARIANT VX range of heavy duty hinges were specified for the Gorilla houses by Architects Proctor & Matthews and fitted by contractor Crispin & Borst. This major project benefited from the close cooperation between the Zoological Society of London – ZSL, manufacturer SIMONSWERK and their customer Franchi Locks & Tools.

Following concern with previous systems SIMONSWERK VX hinges, in stainless steel, were chosen for both the internal and external doors of the new Gorilla houses to provide specific high load capacity with maintenance free, smooth performance and 3D adjustment. ZSL confirmed that the success of the SIMONSWERK hinge application may now be considered for extending to their hinge replacement programme for other animal houses at the Zoo.

Gorilla Kingdom

SAMSON for strength design and performance 15.10.2010

Samson high performance solid brass hinges from UK manufacturer SIMONSWERK are now available in a choice of new finishes including dark imitation bronze metal antique. Samson brass butt hinges have a 25 year Guarantee, are maintenance free and suitable for heavy weight flush doors tested to BS EN 1935 – grade 12. They are also offered in a series of six exciting Designer Finials and are already very popular with the architectural specifying community. Samson hinges are available with CE marking and approval for use on half hour and one hour timber doors to BS EN 1634.

SAMSON for strength design and performance

Hinge solution for all-glass door 01.10.2010

Glass doors provide greater visualisation, better perspective and genuine rays of light within modern interior decor and design. That’s why they are becoming increasingly popular in commercial, public and residential sectors. SIMONSWERK hinge systems for all-glass doors have recently contributed to the realisation of an extraordinary project.

Architect Ludwig Holzschuh has designed a house that is aligned with the sun in which the room-high interior doors are made from 12 millimetre thick glass and made to measure with black vertical wooden friezes.

VARIANT VX hinge systems – the ideal solution Both the technical requirements and demand for visibility made by the architect played a part in choosing the correct hinge. The extreme weight of the high glass doors, with the requirement for them to run from the ceiling to floor without gaps, made high performance demands of the hinges.

The SIMONSWERK VARIANT VG glass door hinge proved to be the ideal solution. For visual reasons and because of the extremely heavy load, 120 millimetre hinges with a square-edged design were chosen.The 3D receiver series was used in order to make the door easy to adjust without the weight causing the glass door to drop when the receiver is slackened.

Hinges made from brushed stainless steel were used to emphasize the clear lines of the overall architecture. For the architect Ludwig Holzschuh, the SIMONSWERK hinge system that was specified represented a successful symbiosis of his requirements, namely elegant appearance, good load-bearing capability and freedom from maintenance.

Hinge solution for all-glass door

Secure hinges for aluminium profiles 04.08.2010

SIMONSWERK UK has introduced a new hinge to their award winning fully concealed TECTUS range. The TE 700 3D option has been specifically designed for heavy duty doors, windows and partition systems with aluminium profiles. This new TECTUS hinge, with a load capacity up to 100kg, will enable shop fitters and the glazing industry to provide an overall harmonious visual appearance with a hinge system which provides extra security. Maintenance-free slide bearings and three dimensional adjustability remain features of the outstanding TECTUS hinge – completely hidden when door is in closed position.

Secure hinges for aluminium profiles

The “VARIANT” hinge 04.08.2010

SIMONSWERK have introduced their new VARIANT VX hinge system for the UK iron-mongery market. This high performance adjustable hinge system, distinguished with CE rating, is now available with a narrower 18mm knuckle and allows problem free correct positioning of the door leaf. It also has a hinge system for all types of frames with 21 variations and is especially suitable for the heavy duty door sector.

The “VARIANT” hinge

VARIANT VX 05.05.2010

SIMONSWERK VARIANT VX hinge systems meet all the demands for high performance within the education, public and hotel sectors where constant use is the determining factor. The range includes CE rated hinges - tested to 1,000,000 cycles and is fully 3D adjustable, maintenance free and ideal for fire, sound & burglar resistant doors. Available in 100, 120 and 160 mm sizes and load capacities up to 300kg, the high quality steel, stainless steel or bronze finish VX hinge is already highly successful on both interior and exterior heavy duty door projects.


Customer service award 26.04.2010

On Saturday 24th April 2010, four members of the SIMONSWERK UK sales team attended the Institute of Architectural Ironmongers Annual General Meeting where they were presented with the Paul Lewis award for outstanding customer service. The award is sponsored annually by Royde& Tucker and presented by the IAI Executive Committee at the AGM Dinner Dance to the most nominated company or individual.

Pictured are members of the award winning SIMONSWERK team, Stephen Slater, Patrick Calvey and Linda Griffin. Emma Gwilt was also nominated by SIMONSWERK cus-tomers. UK Managing Director Robin Guy (far right) congratulated all members of the award winning sales team for their efforts in gaining this notable industry achievement. Congratulatory messages were also received from the Chief Executive and World Export Manager based at the SIMONSWERK GmbH parent company in Germany.

Customer service award

Gold plated SIMONSWERK 05.02.2010

SIMONSWERK UKrecently completed a unique and challenging project for bespoke hinges for a Nash designed Villa in Regent’s Park, London. Once home to a Russian Prince and Napoleon’s older brother this 19th Century grade 1 listed building has been restored to achieve detailing to capture its original glory.

With over one hundred doors nowhere had more effort been expended than on the hinges. Ironmongery supplier Franchi’s turned to UK brass hinge specialists SIMONSWERK to produce two microns thick gold-plated hinges with unique urn-shaped finials using special brass extrusions. Architects Quinlan & Francis Terry complemented SIMONSWERK on matching the owner’s specific requirements from only an original drawing. This challenging bespoke assignment encompassed the supply of 167 pairs of hinges plus over 90 smaller versions.

Gold plated SIMONSWERK