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Entrance Door

Entrance Door

The external door is a building's "business card". Conveying appearance, security and protection. Door hinges from SIMONSWERK adapt to the different profile geometries in a flexible manner, depending on the version selected they can be adjusted two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally, also withstanding heavy weight loads. Entrance doors are always in motion where people work and the following hinge programme caters not only for modern building architecture but also provide for fire and smoke protection, perfect for use on emergency escape and rescue routes

Samson / TriTech

Solid Brass Hinges for heavy weight flush doors. SAMSON is the popular high performance SIMONSWERK solid brass hinge for flush doors. Along with the standard range SAMSON is offered in a TriTech version with concealed bearings, 160 Kg weight carrying capacity - Grade 14 and size ranges of 100 x 75,100 x 88 and 100 x 100mm. All SAMSON brass hinges are available in CE marked, fire rated options, a series of seven exciting Designer Finials and 13 different finishes, including Black Nickel Plated & Antique Brass. They are maintenance free, covered by the SIMONSWERK 25 year performance guarantee and are very popular with the Architectural & Building specifying community.


2D and 3D adjustment with the turn of a screw. ULTIMATE 2D & COLUMBUS 3D hinges from SIMONSWERK allow easy door adjustment within the frame by one person in two or three directions with the effortless turn of a screw driver or allen key. In modern houses and conservatories doors can sometimes scrape, catch or even not lock properly. These quick and simple mounting, low cost, maintenance free hinges are ideal for flush fitting composite doors and available in a variety of finishes to complement any architectural style.


High performance, quality hinges for all requirements. SIMONSWERK UK have a long standing and enviable reputation for the manufacture and supply of the most comprehensive range of brass butt and ball race hinges for almost any application. The range includes, unwashered, double stainless steel washered, double phosphor bronze, projection, stainless steel CE marked ball race, ball race finial, conductor and anti-ligature brass butt, aluminium & nylon butt and aluminium bi-folding & composite door butt hinges.


TECTUS – a coordinated combination of technology and design. TECTUS hinge systems are technically innovative and aesthetically coordinated for interior, heavy-duty and exterior doors. TECTUS is the fully concealed hinge system which has won numerous design awards for its flush-mounted interior design and innovative hinge technology, now with even further improved design options, higher load values and an optimised 3D adjustment with no door sagging, plus an extended range of high quality surface finishes and applications. These include A8 models, for a straight-lined interior design with claddings of up to 8 mm, offering glass or laminate doors to be specified and the latest TECTUS Energy fully concealed hinge system providing an invisible, guaranteed and permanent energy supply from the door frame. The entire range features the unmistakeable TECTUS look with its 3-part hinge assembly and closed hinge body.


Heavy duty hinges for the most demanding installations. SIMONSWERK VARIANT heavy duty hinge systems meet all the demands for high performance within the commercial, public and hotel sectors where constant use is the determining factor. The versatile range includes CE rated hinges - tested to 1,000,000 cycles, are fully 3D adjustable, maintenance free and ideal for fire, sound & burglar resistant doors. Available in VX, VN and VG – for glass doors - options the high quality steel, stainless steel or bronze finish hinges have already been successfully specified on both interior and exterior heavy duty door projects. The outstanding VARIANT VX “Planum” hinge system with slim 15 mm knuckle reflects modern architectural design expressed by the minimalist shape of a solid filigree hinge.


Adjustable Hinge Systems for Timber Entrance Doors. Especially for timber entrance doors SIMONSWERK have developed BAKA hinges. These certified and quality marked, adjustable hinges fulfil desired requirements regarding modern tech-nology and appearance. Available in either a 2D or 3D version this hinge system has maintenance free slide bearings and security pin option for effective burglar resistance. BAKA fulfils all requirements concerning stability and security of heavy timber entrance doors.


Designed for burglar resistance & thermal protection. The well-known SIKU brand presents SIMONSWERK for the first time with a knuckle design hinge system for PVCu entrance doors. The hinge knuckle becomes an elegant visual feature for the resident and opens up new design opportunities for PVCu entrance doors without any impact on the door finish. In addition to the standard finishes the stainless steel version gives white and brown doors a special character when using the knuckle hinge SIKU RB. Ambitious design and high performance technical qualities are the criteria for the SIKU RB hinge system which is suitable for all current profile types for continuous acoustic seal. Comfortable 3D-adjustment and a fast and efficient fitting complete the features of this exceptional hinge system.