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TECTUS® – the completely concealed hinge system

Design meets function. TECTUS ( Productselector: View all models) enables the optimal integration of unrebated doors in straight line and surface flush room structures.

The completely concealed hinge system TECTUS accepts load capacities of up to 300 kg, enables an opening angle of 180 degrees and can be used on timber, steel and aluminium frames.

The three-dimensional adjustability and maintenance-free slide bearing technology of TECTUS are used for high-quality residential doors and functional heavy-duty doors.

Model versions for special application options

TECTUS A8 – The "A8" versions, which allow claddings of up to 8 mm on the door and frame construction, provide new areas of use. This gives the designer further design options for integrating the door element in a holistic room concept.

TECTUS Energy – The new model TECTUS Energy is a concealed cable run which enables permanent energy and/or data transfer. In addition to the design advantages of managing without a separate cable run, TECTUS Energy provides economic advantages due to the omission of additional routing, thus combining design, function and technology.

TECTUS FR – The "FR" models are equipped with an integrated intumescent kit. Whilst maintaining all routing dimensions and optical features of the TECTUS, they provide the perfect basis for use on fire resistant door elements.

TECTUS FVZ – Following the unrebated door construction and surface flush frames installed in the wall previously, the next step is a frame construction which is not visible externally. With the TECTUS FVZ where the frame is located recessed to the leaf, it is possible to integrate a door with a completely concealed hinge in the wall surroundings without a visible frame.

TECTUS for aluminium profiles – In particular for aluminium doors, the design aspect has become the focus of interest during the past few years. This approach is additionally substantiated with the use of concealed TECTUS hinges which are customised for the different profile types by not disturbing the overall optical impression of the door with placed hinges.