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VARIANT® VG –the hinge system for glass doors

Glass doors ensure better insight, better perspectives and true bright spots in modern interior decoration and room design. The VARIANT VG ( Productselector: View all models) hinge system fulfils the design, quality and safety requirements.

The area of use includes doors with glass thicknesses of 8 and 10 mm as well as rebated and unrebated frame designs using timber, steel or aluminium. With a load capacity of up to 80 kg, maintenance-free slide bearing technology and two or three-dimensional adjustment options, the VARIANT VG hinge programme incorporates top features.

Furthermore, VARIANT VG´s re-equipping programme provides simple, practical solutions for correcting or stabilising the fit of a glass door at a later stage if required. The hinge system is available in three different versions for load capacities of up to 40 kg.