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VARIANT® VN – the proven hinge system
for heavy-duty doors

The requirements of door hinges are often differentiated and special in the field of heavy-duty construction. Our proven VARIANT VN ( Productselector: View all models) hinge programme has offered a wide range of attuned hinge solutions for virtually unrestricted options for several years.

VARIANT VN can be used for high performance rebated and unrebated heavy-duty doors on blind frames, casing frames and steel frames. High-quality materials, maintenance-free slide bearing technology and load capacities of up to 200 kg as well as the use for fire and smoke protection doors distinguish this hinge system.

Moreover, the VARIANT VN hinge programme offers a wide range of attuned hinge so-lutions for the topic of "Renovation of existing doors" in order to adapt old doors to current design and safety standards. From receivers to be later installed on the existing steel frame to the three-dimensionally adjustable retrofitting hinge which is designed perfectly for this purpose, we offer the equipment for high-quality door renovation.

The model version Compact with the receiver in the door leaf offers the properties nec-essary for modern, sustainable design when renovating.

Model versions for special application options

VARIANT Planum – The filigree hinge knuckle with a reduced diameter is particularly well-suited for use on high-quality doors with recessed frame facings and constructions with shadow gaps.

VARIANT Compact – With its 3D adjustable receiver which is placed in the door leaf, this model version provides an optimum solution for implementing the trend with filigree frame facing constructions.