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BAKA Protect 2000/4000

BAKA® Protect series 2000/4000 - timber entrance door hinges for current profile constructions

A high degree of transparency using glass and narrower profile views is the current trend in modern exterior door design. New, innovative rebate constructions are used that also require a completely new approach in hinge technology for wooden exterior doors, taking legal requirements such as the energy saving legislation and the requirement for thicker and therefore heavier glass into consideration.

The newly developed door hinge systems in the BAKA Protect 2000 product range (with 2D adjustment) and the BAKA Protect 4000 product range (with 3D adjustment) are optimally adapted to the requirements of the current rebate constructions and make it possible to follow the trend towards narrower door profiles. The increased load capacities up to 120 kg with 2D adjustment and up to 160 kg with 3D adjustment also support heavy glass, which is line with current market requirements. This hinge system is rounded off by the usual comprehensive range of finishes and the drilling jig technology that is required for functional and efficient installation.

Features at a glance

- matched to current profile constructions
- increased load capacities: 2D up to 120 kg
- increased load capacities: 3D up to 160 kg
- comfortable adjustment
- internal hinge pin
- security pin (MSTS) option for outward opening doors