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TECTUS® TE 645 3D – Load capacities up to 300 kg for high performance heavy-duty doors

Weight, dimensions and load capacities of doors increase permanently. The customers’ demands for more security, higher comfort and additional functions lead consecutively to higherdoor weights. The completely concealed product brand TECTUS has been extended by the high-performance model variant TE 645 3D for heavy-duty doors to accommodate this continuing trend. Carryingload capacities up to 300 kg this hinge system allows for the application on unrebated, high-performance door elements with timber frames in functional areas like fire resistance, smoke resistance, soundproof and burglar resistance. All technical product features are identical to those of the existing model variants of the product brand TECTUS.

Features at a glance

- loadcapacitiesupto 300 kg
- preserves all technical and visual features of the TECTUS hinge system
- lying completely concealed
- for timber frames
- for unrebated heavy-duty doors
- maintenance-free slide bearing technology
- comfortable 3D adjustment