TECTUS® up to 300 kg

The completely concealed TECTUS hinge system can bear a wide range of loads capacities.


Completely concealed TECTUS hinge systems offer the perfect load capacity for every requirement. From a wide range of hinges, the hinge system, which can be individually selected in terms of dimensions, proportions and characteristics, can be tailored to the overall door system. From a load capacity up to 300 kg with two hinges per door leaf, door leaves in a wide variety of dimensions and materials are reliably kept moving.



TECTUS up to 300 kg - Simonswerk GmbH

For rebated timber entrance doors – TECTUS TE 680 3D FD

TECTUS up to 300 kg - Simonswerk GmbH

The concealed hinge solution for rebated timber entrance doors 

With product innovation TECTUS TE 680 3D FD, SIMONSWERK has further developed the TECTUS product brand, offering this new model version as a solution for conventionally rebated timber entrance doors.


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Product overview – TECTUS up to 300 kg

TE 240 3D

  • Load capacity: 60.0 kg

TE 340 3D

  • Load capacity: 80.0 kg

TE 526 3D

  • made of solid stainless steel
  • Load capacity: 120.0 kg

TE 527 3D

  • made of solid steel
  • Load capacity: 120.0 kg

TE 540 3D

  • Load capacity: 120.0 kg

TE 640 3D

  • Load capacity: 200.0 kg

TE 645 3D

  • Load capacity: 300.0 kg

TE 380 3D

  • for rebated doors
  • Load capacity: 60.0 kg

TE 680 3D FD

  • for rebated timber entrance doors
  • Load capacity: 160.0 kg

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Apothekenverband, Münster

Deimann Hotel

Onalti Dokuz, Istanbul

Fischapark, Wiener Neustadt

Hotel de Medici, Düsseldorf

Next Level, Ankara

Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Zorlu Center, Istanbul

Mittelbayrischer Verlag

Everything about TECTUS

You can download the current TECTUS product brochure from our media centre.

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