Our references 

Our link with all things architectural is entirely natural.

There's not one of our door hinges and hinge systems that isn't in use between a door and a frame in a building somewhere. We have put together a number of references for you here which illustrate the breadth and depth of our products and show the many different application areas in which they are used.

Hanke architectural office
Hanke architectural officeVARIANT Bronze
Linz Music Theatre
Linz Music TheatreTECTUS
New SPIEGEL headquarters
New SPIEGEL headquartersVARIANT VX
ESO European Southern Observatory
ESO European Southern ObservatoryVARIANT VX
MuCEM Museum, Marseille
MuCEM Museum, MarseilleVARIANT VX
Jewish Museum
Jewish MuseumVARIANT VX
LWL Museum
Kunsthalle Art Museum, Bremen
Kunsthalle Art Museum, BremenVARIANT VX
Vorarlberg Museum
Vorarlberg MuseumTECTUS

More references

Trivago Headquarter
Trivago HeadquarterVARIANT VX
Tree Hotel "My Arbor"
Tree Hotel "My Arbor"VARIANT VX
Supreme Administrative Court
Supreme Administrative CourtVARIANT Compact Planum
State library
State libraryVARIANT VX
Residential property "Luv & Lee"
Residential property "Luv & Lee"TECTUS
Sparkasse academy
Sparkasse academyVARIANT VX
Airport satelite
Airport sateliteVARIANT VX
Living Levels Tower
Living Levels TowerVARIANT VX
St. Martin Tower
St. Martin TowerVARIANT VX
Banca Intesa
Banca IntesaVARIANT VX
DC Tower
Brandenburg State Parliament
Brandenburg State ParliamentVARIANT VX
Ahrenshoop Art Museum
Ahrenshoop Art MuseumVARIANT VX
Museum of the Bavarian Kings
Museum of the Bavarian KingsVARIANT VX
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Federal Ministry of Education and ResearchVARIANT VX
Zorlu Center
Zorlu CenterTECTUS
ElbphilharmonieVARIANT VX
Landeskreditbank BaWü
Landeskreditbank BaWüVARIANT VX
Steigenberger Airport Hotel
Steigenberger Airport HotelVARIANT VX
Next Level
Next LevelTECTUS
Kindergarten Dötze
Kindergarten DötzeVARIANT Finger Protection
Michelberger Hotel
Michelberger HotelTECTUS
Arabeska office complex
Arabeska office complexTECTUS