TECTUS® Energy

For permanent energy transfer


This hinge system combines design, function and technology in an exemplary form, creating scope for new ideas. A guaranteed and permanent energy transfer is essential for the installation and operation of electronic components in high-quality heavy-duty doors. TECTUS Energy enables this without the stylistic aspect of flush interior design being lost in the process.


Cutting-edge energy transfer 

With TECTUS Energy, the door leaf receives a guaranteed and permanent energy supply from the frame, without the geometry of the door or frame being weakened. The technology provided offers compatibility with all the most popular designs for locks and fittings while preserving all the technical and visual features of the TECTUS product range.

Maximum compatibility through individual adapters

Thanks to new connection technology, the TECTUS Energy hinge system is more user-friendly and offers a higher level of performance. All of the components required, from an adapter on the frame to the hinge as well as the adapter on the sash, are perfectly coordinated with each other as part of the combination options available and are compatible with one another.


A standard round cable in various lengths, a universal adapter and connection options specially designed for specific applications – you can choose the ideal solution for your requirements. All three plug connections are torsion-proof and are equipped with a snap-in nose for locking and unlocking.


Round cable

  •     16 x 0.8 A output
  •     Can be used for any application
  •     Cables available 3 m or 10 m long
  •     Torsion-proof and snap-in connection System

Universal adapter

  •     3 x 3.2 A and 4 x 0.8 A output
  •     Universal adapter for direct connection to a wide range of current collectors
  •     Torsion-proof and snap-in connection system

Adapter 1 

  •     3x 3.2 A and 4 x 0.8 A output
  •     Special adapter for connection with FUHR motor locks
  •     Plug-and-play design
  •     Torsion-proof and snap-in connection System
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TECTUS TE 640 3D Energy

  • Fully concealed hinge system
  • For wood, steel and aluminium frames
  • For unrebated large heavy-duty and functional doors
  • Maintenance-free slide-bearing Technology


Product brochure TECTUS Energy


You can download the current TECTUS Energy product brochure from our media center.




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