The concealed hinge solution for rebated timber entrance doors

Making something invisible is also design. The TECTUS hinge system enables unrebated doors to be optimally integrated into straight and flush room structures. This perfected technology has been successfully used in the domestic and commercial construction industries for a number of years.


With product innovation TECTUS TE 680 3D FD, SIMONSWERK has successfully further developed the TECTUS product brand, offering this new model version as a solution for conventionally rebated timber entrance doors. Easy mounting and convenient 3D adjustment make installation easy, while a circumferential seal ensures the required level of impermeability around the hinges. The innovative hinge system for timber entrance doors further impresses with a load capacity of 160 kg.


Seal system

Requirements regarding the impermeability of entrance doors have steadily increased in recent years. In order for these demands to also be fulfilled when using a hinge in the rebate area, SIMONSWERK developed an integrated double-seal system for TECTUS TE 680 3D FD.

To additionally guarantee optimal sealing behaviour where a hinge has a lower turn-in curve as a result of the pivot point, SIMONSWERK also offers a specific overlap seal – the DS 7435.

The position is always adjusted relative to the frame and door so that the pivot point is optimally positioned in the overlap.

Thanks to the integrated double-seal system, the respective structure also remains sealed in the hinge area.

We are happy to provide you with all the documentation you need to determine the most suitable hinge system for your building project. Please contact us: we would be delighted to work with you to choose the best solution – from high-quality standard elements right up to the most complex Solutions.

All our brochures and data sheets can be requested in a printed version, or you can simply download them on the spot – and the same applies to our fitting instructions and milling data.

Our friendly and knowledgeable application engineers will be pleased to help you – including on-site.

New - TE 680 3D FD Energy

Due to the increasing demand for equipping doors with electronic security and comfort features SIMONSWERK offers now a completely concealed hinge solution with invisible energy supply also for rebated entrance doors.

Thanks to the integrated energy transfer the TECTUS TE 680 3D FD - designed for conventionally rebated entrance doors - enables the fitting and operating of electronic components without visible cable conduct.

Find out more about TECTUS Energy.


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