The hinge system to meet the most stringent demands in the construction industry for nursing and healthcare buildings

Safety, efficiency and practicability – these play a crucial role when planning healthcare buildings. Whether it is a nursing home, hospital or a rehabilitation clinic: The requirements regarding function, quality and design are higher today than ever before.

When detailed plans become perfect reality

With specially manufactured hinge systems, planned frame dimensions always are the real passage dimensions because the doors can be opened completely from the passage at a 90° angle. This facilitates the smooth moving of beds, wheel chairs and equipment and optimises logistics within hospital corridors.

The hinge systems in the VARIANT Care range are tailored to alternative door leaves ranging from 40 to 70 mm thick.

Tailored solutions for the health sector

This sector requires door symmetry and geometry to be precisely considered as these are deciding factors in selecting the right hinge system. To ensure that the door hinge selected functions without any problems, we recommend consulting SIMONSWERK at an early stage. We can develop individual solutions for specific requirements. If necessary, please contact our sales department, which can be reached via email at


Clinic Großhadern


  • Unrestricted passage throughout frame rebate
  • For timber, steel and aluminium frames
  • For doors 40–70 mm thick


Product brochure VARIANT Care


You can download the current VARIANT Care product brochure here.




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