Finger protection on doors in child day-care centres


Children encounter dangers on every corner on a daily basis. Some painful experiences are part of growing up – but such experiences should be prevented in the majority of cases.


In child day-care centres, responsibility towards the young guests and unfortunately also the potential for danger are immense. To sufficiently counteract these dangers with safety-related measures and in accordance with building law, it is essential to take into account the provisions of the "German workplace law" as well as the "German accident prevention regulation for child day-care centres". In part, regulations for constructing child day-care centres differ significantly from other regulations – such as for residential or industrial construction – or to be more precise, they go beyond other regulations in some cases. SIMONSWERK has developed a hinge system for doors with finger protection requirements in close collaboration with architects and planners.

SIMONSWERK has developed a hinge system for doors with finger protection requirements in close collaboration with architects and planners. In accordance with German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), the hazards of pinch points and shearing points on the closing edges of doors must be counteracted with special safety measures: "Shearing points on the secondary closing edges of doors must be prevented". (DGUV, GUV-V S2 § 13, 3)

Finger protection solutions for new buildings and retrofitting operations

When designing new child day-care centres or nurseries, it is a good idea to incorporate finger protection functions for doors directly in the respective plans. In addition to the function, the harmonised appearance of the door and frame with integrated finger protection also plays a significant role.

Finger protection for renovation

As, in some cases, renovations in public facilities for children are only partially carried out, the VARIANT V 1999 hinge system for finger protection on the secondary closing edges of doors is the perfect solution. Thanks to this innovative hinge design from SIMONSWERK, retrofitting to ensure the safety of children's hands is possible regardless of the particular frame situation – whether in a new building or in an existing building.

Finger protection on timber block frames in new buildings

Designed by SIMONSWERK, the VARIANT VX 7099 finger protection hinge system for use on timber block frames fulfils finger protection functions on the secondary closing edges of doors. Furthermore, the system meets the requirement of being a premium-quality and attractive addition to any interior décor.

Finger protection for steel and aluminium frames in new buildings

With the VARIANT Finger Protection hinge system on secondary closing edges of steel and aluminium frames, the high-quality appearance of doors and frames is maintained. The system is a unique, holistic solution that enables doors to smoothly open and close without any limitations. Thanks to a half-rounded frame facing in the style of an unrebated door leaf, the entire finger protection area is flawless. Together with the VN 7507 3D receiver, finger protection is an appropriate safety package, which also enables an unrestricted opening angle of up to 180°.

Kindergarten Dötze, Paderborn, Germany

VARIANT Finger Protection

  • End-to-end finger pinch-protection on secondary closing edges
  • For timber, steel and aluminium Frames
  • For use in new buildings and renovation work




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