VARIANT V 1999 Finger Protection

The hinge system with finger protection function for retrofitting 

In public buildings, there is always a risk of children's hands getting caught in the main edges or along the hinge side of doors in the heat of the moment, which can sometimes cause serious injuries. To sufficiently counteract these dangers with safety-related measures and in accordance with building law, it is essential to take into account the provisions of the German workplace law as well as the German accident prevention regulation for child daycare centres.

According to German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), "shearing points on the secondary closing edges of doors must be prevented" (BG/GUV-SR S2 § 13, 3). The possible hazards on the closing edges and secondary closing edges of doors must be counteracted with special safety measures.


Accordingly, SIMONSWERK has reacted to market requirements and developed hinge systems for doors with finger protection function for subsequent renovation as well as for new buildings.

V 1999 Finger Protection - The benefits at a glance

As, in some cases, renovations in public facilities for children are only partially carried out for financial or organisational reasons, the VARIANT V 1999 hinge system for finger protection is the perfect solution.

In just a few steps, an installer can prepare the old door leaf for installation of the new hinge system and connect it to the existing frame. Thanks to this hinge innovation from SIMONSWERK, retrofitting is now possible for all frame situations – not only to ensure protection of children's hands.

This robust and thus very durable system can easily be assembled on site, enables doors to smoothly open and close without any limitations and can be used in new buildings as well.

Here you will find further finger protection solutions – especially VX 7099 Finger Protection for timber block frames in new buidlings.



Product characteristics 

  • Load capacity of up to 60 kg
  • For rebated and unrebated doors
  • For timber, steel and aluminium frames
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Door height up to 2110 mm
  • Door thickness from 39 – 45 mm
  • Maintenance-free slide bearings

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